When We Plan, We Make God Laugh …

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For as long as I can remember, the spiritual and personal areas of my life have always been unorganized; however the business side of my life has been consistent and manicured operating like a well lubricated clock. Perhaps its because the reality is I need money to work and take care of bills, but the other reality to this is I need GOD and a well maintained spiritual life in order to have an effective and successful personal and professional life, right?

Seems pretty logical, right?

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I remember hearing a friend say “Make God laugh, simply tell Him your plans.” Let’s rewind to 2010. I was 35 years old, single, and pregnant with my one and only child. For decades, I had been told that conception was not an option because of infertility issues I had. Therefore, I definitely did not expect that I would conceive a child and outside of wedlock. I mean, I had plans to relocate to another state, leave my job of 7 years and pursue new and fresh opportunities for a fairly young and recently college-educated black woman.

That was not a part of my plan. Yes, back to the “Plan” word again. My life was engrossed with endless question marks. Once again, I was unable to plan what came next outside of having my gift from God and figuring all else out. Needless to say, my daughter is now 8-years old and the best blessing that God could have ever given me, who would have known parenting would be so rewarding and hard at the same time? How could my “Plans” not fall in line with what I had strategically outlined in my “Life Plan?”

Uhrrrr, because God had other plans for my life and God trumps all things.

It is realistic that we all experience periods of transition in our lives, we are meant to go through change, season after season, that is what keeps us on our toes, right? It is seasons of change that allows God to mold us into becoming the best version of ourselves, right? And while our journeys may not always be smooth sailings, God encourages us to trust in His guidance each step of the way.

In my own experience, despite my initial anxiety about becoming a single mother, I ended up being the best version of a mommy (as my sweet little girl tells me often) as I could and can be and I so love every step and experience it encompasses.

When we are faced with and forced to deal with whatever challenges thrown our way, we are strengthened by it and grow deeper in our faith.This is not something that I am guessing, this is something that I know. God is essential in our lives, it is through Him that we are able to hit the “curve balls” we are often served. You know?

Understanding what I know now, I would have spent less time worrying and more time praising God. When we give up our control and allow God to have His way, we are saying “God, I trust you and no matter what direction you send me in, I will follow your lead and know that you will not steer me wrong. God … I trust you.”

Are you allowing God to carrying out the “Plans” He has for your life, or are you always trying to take the wheel?

Take a few minutes to think, assess, and allow God’s Plan to play out in your life. Let Him do his job and move mountains in your life.


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