Influ-en-tial …

Are you influential?

Earlier this morning, I was feeling a variety of emotions all at once. As a mother of an only child watching her transition from a baby to a little person is hard watching your child grow. This is one of the milestones that many of us experience in life – one of the most beautiful experiences parents endure. On another note, I came across a message in my email box, a video of Dr. Maya Angelou, she was sharing the “Secret to living your best life”. In the video clip, she shares three words that she proposes will help guide individuals into their best life. Those words are “Just do Right”.  Words I recall my grandmother and mother saying to me as a child.

Dr. Angelou elaborated on the importance of being the best You that you can be. She referenced the temple, church, personal, professional, and personal areas of life and further encouraged that we live our lives in a way that will not carry regret. “Pick up the battle and make it a better world just where you are” she said.

In my mind, I thought “how simple are her words and they are true”. This has to be one of the most influential videos that I have watched in several years. I encourage you to watch it as it could be a blessing to your heart, soul, and mind today. What a beautiful reminder of how wonderful life is and how much more valuable it could be if we just let go of all of the minor things that hinder us.