ThriveHER ™ started out as a vision, a project – a book and transformed into a fundraiser event, hosted by Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and a means to fight the epidemic. The word Thrive-HER (defined as a survivor that is thriving in their survivorship) is many of our testimonies. It is easy to say that “I am surviving” when it reality you are truly thriving. You are more than making it – you are taking life and thriving in it. This is why I chose to trademark it, because it meant more to me than just a word. It was a vision, on that has grown and continues to grow into something stronger and greater than I am.

ThriveHER ™ is a movement that empowers women who are survivors of devestation (trauma) to encourage, motivate and empower them to rebuild their lives by starting with their love for God and themselves.

ThriveHER ™ is more than a word, action, fade, or brand. It’s the EMBODIMENT of doing more than existing. It’s a MOVEMENT. It’s a SISTERSHIP. It is a JOURNEY – one that will cause a shift in you!


If my story resonates with you, then I invite you join the SISTERSHIP and learn more at the links below: