Foolish or Faithful?

Photo Credit: Fanshare "We walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man's relationship to God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance" (2 Corinthians 5:7). The Bible instructs us to live by faith rather than by what … Continue reading Foolish or Faithful?

Crab Mentality

Originally Posted by: 5 Ways to Eliminate Crab Mentality in the Body of Christ By Sonya McKinzie Facebook Twitter Pinterest When the Crab Mentality Strikes the Church Born and raised in a small town that is southeast Georgia, I am familiar with the various actions associated with the CRAB MENTALITY (yes, sad but true). While many people have heard of … Continue reading Crab Mentality

Don’t let life just twirl, twirl, and twirl out of control

Photo Credit: Unlimited You I cannot begin to count how many times that I have heard "we live in uncertain times." It seems that everyday, there is a new whirl of uncertainty twirling all around us. It is manifested in the politics, religion, and personal areas of the world, news demonstrates this through the the … Continue reading Don’t let life just twirl, twirl, and twirl out of control


Photo Credit: Kim Phagan-Hansel ​ Have you ever thought, I would love to write a book, but I don't know where to start? Is the cost is too steep (several thousand dollars) or you're simply not interested in dealing with the milestones, stress, and hands on involvement of the writing, editing and marketing process? If … Continue reading Anthology

Don’t be afraid to #Dream

All too often, I hear people complaining and stressing over their current situations, more specifically in the business world. The funny thing is I was one of those people just about a year ago. Focused on everything that was going wrong in my work environment that I was allowing opportunities to pass me by. You … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to #Dream

Angry? Who me?

Photo Credit: SHERRONDA J. BROWN It seems like we, black women, have been striving for equality in a world that sees us through biased eyes, as Angry Black Women. But, why is this happening after decades of shifts in society? I mean, can we not live our best lives too? Why is it that society … Continue reading Angry? Who me?

Dating in today’society

Dating has become quite a complex subject matter and action! Now days, love has a new list of requirements and guidelines, many of which the average Christian single might not be open to. You see it requires that singles take some pretty risky moves which must be handled like a project, strategically. It sounds like … Continue reading Dating in today’society

Wait. Patiently, wait…

Sitting in my chair, I can hear my daughter playing in the bath tub around the corner. Then my mind wonders, to a very familiar place, deep in psyche and underneathe my heart. My mind is traveling as I think about how much that I have spent ... In June, Sarah Jakes Roberts allowed God, … Continue reading Wait. Patiently, wait…

When We Plan, We Make God Laugh …

Photo Credit: Wired For as long as I can remember, the spiritual and personal areas of my life have always been unorganized; however the business side of my life has been consistent and manicured operating like a well lubricated clock. Perhaps its because the reality is I need money to work and take care of … Continue reading When We Plan, We Make God Laugh …

When I look in the mirror

"When I look in the mirror – I see the definition of a Purple Orchid – a flower that is regal, respectable and admirable. God did this and He will do it for you. You can use your experience to strengthen others – you are a living testimony and because this is so – give … Continue reading When I look in the mirror

An Open Letter to Women

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