About The ThriveHER ™


My name is Sonya McKinzie, I’m a single Christian mother, nontraditional Communications & Public Relations Graduate Student, Founder and CEO of The Blogging ThriveHER ™ Blog, the nonprofit organization, Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, and The Dainty Georgia Skincare (artesian soaps and more). Whew – that as a mouthful.

So, you are probably wondering where and how this all began?!

In 2013, I created “Darkskinibeautiful” which has since been changed and trademarked under The Blogging ThriveHER ™. When I began my blogging journey, I did so on a whim, it was a means of journaling my personal experiences in life with others – creating a means to share and encourage others while personally growing within.

Today, The Blogging ThriveHER ™ is a personal blog to document my journey to transform my personal and spiritual life and professional endeavors. As I began to write about my experiences from my second-generation survival of domestic violence to fluctuating weight to single parenting to handling the many gifts that God continues to be bless me with to finding my purpose for being in this world (in Georgia). I also, realized that there is a purpose for blogging – and it is far-reaching and greater than what I ever imagined. I learned that there are so many other minority women who were on the same path. Who were going through the same peaks and valleys as I am/have been.

Whether you meet me in person or virtually, I will always be transparent and one thing I want to share is that my life wasn’t always nor is it a “Cake-Walk”. I wasn’t nor am I always cookie-cuttery happy and floating on clouds – I mean, I am human, LOL. Like many, I am striving to find and secure my place on this place called earth, striving to be the Black Woman God Destined Me to Be!

Humbly Speaking …

My pasion and prayers have been to help others through my personal experiences with surviving domestic violence to being a young woman in a world where my father did nto exist to my fight with infertility and becoming parenting to questioning my faith in God to not loving the skin and body that I was blessed with.

I grew up in Brunswick, Georgia, where I was raised by a single mom and a very protective grandmother.

My father left my life before the ink was dry on the divorce decree when my sister and I were around the ages of three and four. But – even then as a little brown girl, I knew that wasn’t the way I wanted life to be for me. I knew that greater things were possible for me, and it would require hard work and commitment.         

Honestly, what I encountered as a child started a “fire” in me. It sparked a desire for change – one that would take more than three decades, lots of heartache, hardships, and life lessons in order to find it’s way to the forefront – to the “Lime Light”.

About ThriveHER ™

Trademarked Logo for ThriveHER

ThriveHER ™ started out as a vision, a project – a book and transformed into a fundraiser event, hosted by Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and a means to fight the epidemic. The word Thrive-HER (defined as a survivor that is thriving in their survivorship) is many of our testimonies. It is easy to say that “I am surviving” when it reality you are truly thriving. You are more than making it – you are taking life and thriving in it. This is why I chose to trademark it, because it meant more to me than just a word. It was a vision, on that has grown and continues to grow into something stronger and greater than I am.

ThriveHER ™ is a movement that empowers women who are survivors of devestation (trauma) to encourage, motivate and empower them to rebuild their lives by starting with their love for God and themselves.

ThriveHER ™ is more than a word, action, fade, or brand. It’s the EMBODIMENT of doing more than existing. It’s a MOVEMENT. It’s a SISTERSHIP. It is a JOURNEY – one that will cause a shift in you!


If my story resonates with you, then I invite you join the SISTERSHIP and learn more at the links below:

Let’s do some amazing work together.