Photo Credit: Kim Phagan-Hansel

​ Have you ever thought, I would love to write a book, but I don’t know where to start?

Is the cost is too steep (several thousand dollars) or you’re simply not interested in dealing with the milestones, stress, and hands on involvement of the writing, editing and marketing process?

If this is your case, perhaps an anthology would be a better fit for you as it is a great alternative and quite beneficial.

A book can be an impressive business calling card for attracting potential networking opportunities, employers, clients, agents, speaking engagements, and add to add onto your STREAM OF INCOME and potentially open doors to more writing assignments.


Since all anthology authors will be promoting the book to their own networks, this can help get an author known in multiple new markets which could result in more exposure to career, speaking, and financial opportunities. By using content marketing (articles, blogs, reports, books, etc.), a book of this magnitude can be an essential part of these opportunities. This is where the author fees to invest in the anthology should be taken into consideration, these benefits should be considered when evaluating costs to participate.

If you are interested in adding to your credentials, using your skills to expand your brand, and becoming or adding “Author” to your accomplishments, consider joining the ThriveHER Blueprint, to learn about the upcoming anthology visit:

Let’s launch a new season in your life!

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