Don’t be afraid to #Dream

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All too often, I hear people complaining and stressing over their current situations, more specifically in the business world. The funny thing is I was one of those people just about a year ago. Focused on everything that was going wrong in my work environment that I was allowing opportunities to pass me by. You see, when we are going through hard times (as a whole) it is hard to see “Past the Mess” in order to “Be Blessed”. No one understand this more, than I do.

My mama worked long, hard hours and provided for my sister and me. A few days ago, I asked her “Mama, do you think you have done all the things you wanted to do in life”and with hesitation she responded “Yes” but there seemed to be a “No” hanging around in her undertone. She worked a job that was hard, that she was not completely content with but nonetheless one that she mastered after nearly three decades of working. Today, she is happier after finally retiring than she ever was while she was working. The downside is she missed so many opportunities to travel, have fun, and explore other career opportunities. To be honest, I think I got my creativity from my mama, she is always making something. If she is not making bookmarks, its lap throws, quilts or something unique, in her own way she still dreams and she creates beautiful to brighten the days of others. I know that my mama dreams, and no one is ever too old. Dreams are what keep us young and living and her creativity gives her life.

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I have had dreams and opportunities pass me by. Why? Because of responsibilities, work, family, and life – but one thing I can tell you is that at 44 years old (next month), I am still a dreamer, and believe that we should never stop.

Whatever your circumstances may be—whether you’re not financially ready, concerned the troubles of the world, or too busy bringing your empire into manifestation — remember, there are always around you, look up from the busyness of your work day and — dream, create your opportunities. Yes, that takes money, but as the old saying goes “You must eat an elephant one bite at a time”.

Thinking about my previous job, it had great benefits, pretty good salary, but I still wasn’t satisfied. Instead, I was unhappy and affected by the conditions the work environment. There was a need for a healthy environment, I wanted, desired, and needed something more. Peace, to create a legacy that would make my daughter proud, and to feel that I have done what I was called to do. I leaned on that – I trust the process, no matter how hard it may be. God has me, I have faith and believe. Do you trust the process?

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Trust me, I know it sounds good but you are thinking “It ain’t that easy” and I say to you, a hardship is no excuse to give up. You are bound for success, to fulfill at least one or two of those dreams that are buried deep down inside of you. Every day, creates an opportunity to try, flourish, shift and try something new – at the very least, give a try and see how you do! Trust yourself!

You have to make the most of what you’ve got and then use that as a foundation to build on. There is NO time limit on your opportunities, dreams and aspirations – preparing yourself for your future, and whatever that may mean to you. You have yet to arrive to your final destination, you will not arrive there until you leave this earth, so you have to keep pushing on through, grab those dreams! Trust me, you can do it.