Wait. Patiently, wait…

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Sitting in my chair, I can hear my daughter playing in the bath tub around the corner. Then my mind wonders, to a very familiar place, deep in psyche and underneathe my heart. My mind is traveling as I think about how much that I have spent …

In June, Sarah Jakes Roberts allowed God, as she always does, to share a message with me, you, and the world – within that message she speaks about God and how he is waiting for You (me) to trust me. Her candid way of sharing how when we are “off-centered” He has to pull us in, reminding us of our need for HIm.

Video Credit: YouTube/ adrienneNo

Lately it seems that I have found myself waiting for God to answer … my selfish prayers and in this time called “Waiting” He is strengthening me and pressing me towards a deeper connection with patience. I am not the most patient person and I realize that this is a personal characteristic that needs a little tweaking.

One cannot help but think, there must be something I can do, to help God move the answers to my prayer along. Of course, I know God does not need my assistance to answer my prayers but there are times when I grow impatient and become weary while waiting.

In Psalm 40, David says “I waited patiently for the Lord”. This passage expresses how I feel in a few simple words. I have a number of unanswered prayers but, I know they will all be answered if I just sit still. Silently, quietly still…. Can you relate?

Waiting teaches us to appreciate quiet time (as rare as it is), to praise God and all that he has gifted me with. Waiting teaches me how to accept the things I cannot change and embrace the things that I can.

Patience is a virtue, one that I am diligently working to improve.

Have you practiced patience and prayer today?

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